Harrybrooke Park & Harden House Museum in New Milford will play host to a grilling competition for fathers on Father’s Day June 16.

The event, sponsored by House of Warmth, will be held at the park off Still River Drive.

The amateur grilling competition is open to professionals.

Participants should arrive no earlier than 9 a.m. when registration will begin.

Each competitor may begin cooking as quickly as they’d like on arrival, while being respectful to the loading and unloading of their neighbors.

The health inspector and fire marshal will review the site beginning at 10 a.m. for approvals.

The event will be open to guests at 11 a.m. Cold beverages will be served.

Contestants will supply their own food, grill and utensils for the public.

Following are the general rules:

All applicable local health department and fire codes must be at or above standards.

The fire marshal and health inspector will have full oversight of any competitor and may not only have them removed from the competition, but from the grounds of the venue.

The paperwork from the Town of New Milford must be completed in full by every participant or they will not be allowed to compete. This paperwork will be e-mailed to each competitor after they are registered.

Each team may have up to five team members in the tent with them at any given time. The head cook is responsible for the actions of his/her team and their guests.

No food or alcohol may be sold by any competitor. If merchandise is sold, the venue must approve and will require a donation.

All foods must be prepared on site and in the sanitary manner in which the law demands for service to the public.

Participants will need to be completely self-sustained, though water and hot water will be provided at no additional fee from the venue.

The competitor will provide their own grill, tables, refrigeration or any other equipment necessary.

The competitor will provide enough sample meat for at least 150 guests and sample size is at the discretion of the competitor.

The competitor will provide a sample of their cooking in any size they would like to each of the five (five) judges.

Each competitor will be assigned a 20’x20’ space. No tents will be provided. Participants are welcome to bring trailers, props and motorhomes which may be granted a larger space by request and courtesy on a first come, first served basis of space.

All rules and regulation of Harrybrooke Park will be strictly enforced, including no firearms and no pets.

Each competitor is responsible for the overall cleanliness of their area from start to finish.

For more information visit HarrybrookePark.org or call 860-799-6520.