Park to play host to ‘Momma & Me Tea’

Harrybrooke Park in New Milford will present a new event, “Momma & Me Tea,” Sept. 6.

The tea party will be held in the park’s gated garden.

Guests are encouraged to enjoy a late morning tea, coffee or juice and a treat after decorating their very own tea cup.

Other offerings will include Disney trivia and photo opportunities.

“The stress of these uncertain times does not just affect us adults, it is also affecting our kids, and it’s incredibly important now more than ever that they have an opportunity to have fun in an open and worry-free environment,” said office manager Arielle Barker.

“It is my sincerest hopes that the Momma & Me Tea will provide them with that opportunity,” she said.

For Harrybrooke Park, large scale events including the Big Jeep Thing and the beloved Haunted Trail, both substantial money markers for the park, have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

With the park, and its staff reliant on these types of events to stay open, creativity has been key in building new events and fundraisers, like the tea.

Tickets start at just $18 for a mother and child pair, with the option to buy tickets at $5 per additional child. Tickets are available at under the events tab.

All dollars raised will benefit the park.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Barker at 860-799-6520 or email at