Harrybrooke Park in New Milford recently celebrated “Read Across America” in Harden House Museum.

Books donated by Scholastic were available for anyone to purchase at any suggested donation for themselves or to donate to the Waterbury Reads Gently Used Children’s Book Drive.

The Waterbury Reads program was established by Stephanie Cummings, the State Representative of the 74th District in Waterbury.

The museum welcomed anyone to drop off books for the children of our neighbors in Waterbury.

“The connection is unique,” stated the park’s executive director Billy Buckbee, who also sits as the State Representative of the 67th District.

“When I saw what Rep. Cummings was doing in her district to help these kids, we put our minds together to create something to connect the country to the city,” he said. “I feel it was a great success that raised some excellent awareness and helped with literacy in multiple communities.”

“This is truly impressive and it’s a lot of books,” Cummings said. “It will take a couple trips to get them all picked up.”

“I really want to thank Harrybrooke Park, Rep. Buckbee and the people of New Milford for their generosity,” she said.

Both Cummings and Buckbee are serving their first terms in the Connecticut House of Representatives.

“To me, this is what it’s all about,” Buckbee said. “Coming together to help kids, we hope this is the start of many positive projects connecting our state and the people within.”

“Cities and towns alike need to always work at state pride and this small project is a step toward greater unity of this state,” he said

The Waterbury Reads Gently Used Children's Book drive was established in 2014 to collect books for Waterbury children 18 and younger.

Through a collaboration with Literacy Volunteers of Waterbury, the books are distributed to Waterbury's youth through a variety of different means.

The main goal is to get books into the hands of children in targeted communities who may not already have access to the books.