Opportunity Awards established at WMS

The Washington Montessori School in New Preston has announced the creation of the WMS Opportunity Awards.

Awarded annually to up to three students who embody the virtues valued and modeled in our Middle School program—responsibility, collaboration, curiosity and respect— these scholarships support the school's ambition to attract a greater and more diverse range of talented students.

The WMS Opportunity Awards are $10,000 per year, merit-based scholarships available to sixth- and seventh-grade students new to the Washington Montessori School community.

“In awarding these scholarships, we hope to broaden our community of students who will go on to become leaders in an increasingly global world,” said Pat Werner, head of school. “We are committed to ensuring that a family’s financial constraints do not keep qualified children from applying to WMS.”

Washington Montessori School faculty and staff have embarked on a path of diversity and inclusion training, and in collaboration with the Board of Trustees, are committed to socioeconomic diversity as a major goal.

“We want to partner with families in making a WMS education accessible to those who seek it, while also working toward school and community sustainability,” Werner said. “We believe these goals go hand in hand.”

Those interested in applying for a WMS Opportunity Award should visit washingtonmontessori.org/affording-wms or contact Laura Martin, assistant head of school for advancement, at 860-868-0551, ext. 2161.