Editor's Note: The following is an open letter in response to New Milford resident Tom Morey's May 16 letter in The Spectrum.]

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy, thank you so much for worrying about the poor, forgotten citizens of Bridgewater.

What can we do without 14 pizza parlors, three car washes five Dunkin' Donuts and big-box stores?

Let us not forget the hundreds of miles of roads to keep up during the summer and winter seasons.

Three diners have currently opened, and a new beautiful-looking diner will be opening any day now, plus your eight gas stations.

I find myself so upset I may just go to our little country store and get a hand-dipped ice cream cone, and go sit at our little pond at the recreation area watching the ducks and swans frolic.

It is so hard to write this letter. What a boring life the little, forgotten town of Bridgewater lives.

Let me refresh your memory. Our small grammar school, Burnham School, on Route 133 recently was just recognized as the best in the state.

You may be surprised; I have lived in Bridgewater for only three years after 38 years in the town of 30,000 people you call home.

I have never heard anyone complain about our school taxes. Just a few years back, before Mayor Pat Murphy, all you heard were heated conversations about keeping our taxes low, with Board of Education cuts occurring every year.

According to your letter, the only excitement we have in poor, little Bridgewater is a tractor parade.

Don't forget Connecticut's number one country fair. This yearly event is put on by Bridgewater's volunteer fire department.

In closing, Mr. Morey, keep all of your attractions, and we'll make the 3.5-mile trip to your booming town, with strip malls upon strip malls.

Thank you so much for worrying about us here in little, old Bridgewater.

Somehow we will survive.

Jeff Burcaw