Onorato art graces magazine

The artwork of a New Milford teen has been published on the cover of "Skipping Stones," a multi-cultural literary magazine, for the September/October edition.

Sylvia Claire Onorato, 15, was one of 10 winners in the 2012 Skipping Stones Youth Honor Awards competition.

She and the others were honored for their creative work promoting an understanding of cultural diversity, appreciation of nature and ecology.

Submissions consisted of the written word and art on a variety of topics.

Those chosen will receive an honor certificate, five multi-cultural and/or nature books, a subscription to "Skipping Stones" and an invitation to join the magazine's student review board.

In addition to the 13-page awards feature, the September/October edition contains other articles, poems, photos and stories from youth and adults from around the world.

Students ages 7 to 17 are invited to submit entries by June 20 for the 2013 Youth Honor Awards competition.

For more information, visit www.skippingstones.org.