To the Editor:

Although I know live in Woodbury, I consider New Milford, where I was born, raised, attended school and established a thriving law practice of 60 years, my hometown.

I am 93 years of age and I'll be 94 in September, God willing.

I am writing to comment on Art Cummings' recent column, "Fathers Day a mixture of sadness and wonderful memories."

I agree his father, Dan Cummings, was a wonderful man.

When we would go out for lunch, someone in the Cummings family would ask, "What's for lunch?" and Dan would reply, "What's for dessert?"

We would have a laugh and go on to eat.

The New Milford community owes the Cummings family a vote of thanks for bringing character to the town through The Spectrum.

The First Congregational Church on Main Street made its facilities available to the Jewish community that established its roots that became Temple Sholom.

Hats off to the Congregational Church.

During the holidays, I worked side by side with my Christian friends to raise money for the poor. I played Santa Claus at the local Grange.

What the heck, God created us all. We are all people.

Yes, New Milford is a very friendly town to people of all races, colors and creeds.

I received an excellent education in school, reading, writing, math, history and languages.

When I was in the sixth grade, a student arrived in November. He was placed in the front of the class and drilled by the teacher until he caught up with the class.

My seventh-grade teacher was Catherine Lillis -- the former high school building on East Street was named in her honor.

I remember my eighth-grade teacher reading to the class evangelism and seeing her with tears running down her cheek.

Yes, those were the greatest years.

Harry Cohen