To the Editor:

The problem many of those face who oppose any type of gun control is that, if they stick to the facts, their arguments are too weak to have any impact on the debate.

So they resort to misinformation and distortion of the facts. They accuse those who favor gun control of attempting to disarm patriotic Americans when all that is being proposed is to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammo magazines.

What could these "patriotic Americans" possibly want with such weapons and clips? Do they expect to defend themselves against a garrison of home invaders?

Assault weapons are meant to bring about the maximum number of human deaths in the shortest time. They have no other purpose or valid use.

Such a ban has nothing to do with disarming patriotic Americans.

Then they try to get us to believe that only a handful of people support gun control when recent polls show a substantial majority support a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magzines.

One of the frequent red herrings dragged in is abortion.

Some characterize pro gun control people as also pro abortion people, which may or may not be the case... certainly not universally true.

The support of abortion is intended to show how these people are actually insensitive to killing. Yet these pro-lifers parade their own insensitivity by being in the front ranks of those vigorously supporting such trumped up wars as Iraq which have a "pro death" outcome for many young "patriotic" Americans.

Another red herring is blaming the poor handling of the mental illness problem for deaths from gun violence.

Laws providing institutional care for the mentally ill are not supported by either party primarily because there are no funds available to establish such an expensive venture.

Most mentally ill people do not present a danger to society. Those who are dangerous would be largely hamstrung in their attempt to act out if these military-type weapons were not available to them.

Finally, unable to muster a logical argument, they resort to name calling, using such loaded epithets as "delirious" and "traitorous."

When they have no facts on their side, all they can do is wave the flag, invoking a twisted idea of patriotism and yell loudly their outrageous accusations and hope nobody notices the lack of substance to their case.

Richard Stalter