To the Editor:

I enjoy cooking and, at times, try different "seasonings."

With a name like "Morton," it seems only appropriate.

However, I have come to the conclusion that I, too, am being "season-ed" through the beautiful times of the year in Connecticut.

This morning, I came past an open field and the Canada geese were checking it out. That is an indication that fall is not far away.

Each evening, my wife and I sit on the back deck and wait for the deer to come through the yard.

The turkeys make their appearance anytime and, lately, have been bringing their young ones with them.

The writer of Ecclesiastes tells us of many seasons -- not just four (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).

Each day can be a new and exciting "season" as we open our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds to new things.

It becomes an exciting challenge to greet the newness of each day. We may not be able to prevent what happens, but we can control how we respond.

May it be with joy for the challenge and celebration for the outcome.

Dan Morton

The Oratory of

the Little Way