Offers assurance for life's peaks and valleys

To the Editor:

An Easter sunrise service is six months away no matter how you look at it.

On the most recent one, I first met a couple of locals. It was a chilly morning as a small group of us stood on a hill in the center of Gaylordsville.

Someone built a warming fire and we sang hymns of praise to God and each in our own way felt His presence.

Standing with me were Joe and Pat. I learned Joe had walked across the United States -- Atlantic to Pacific -- and had written a book about it.

I have a copy which I pull out now and then and for a few minutes mentally walk with him as I read a bit about the scenery and towns he visited along the way.

The book is not only filled with geography but more importantly it is full of people. Ordinary people like us. Those who have climbed the ladder of success, those who are part way up, and some who have fallen off the ladder.

I bought one of Joe's books the other day and sent it to my oldest grandson for his 15th birthday. I asked Joe to write in it, "Jacob, may the peaks and valleys on the road of life become adventures for you."

We offer no assurance for life, but we may make it possible for someone to endure what comes.

Dan Morton

Oratory of the Little Way