To the Editor:

I’m writing to show my support for Tom O'Brien for State Representative of Connecticut's 67th district and David Lawson for 30th Senatorial district.

In my time spent going around New Milford with Tom O’Brien, I heard the same things again and again: Younger families were worried about the schools, older folks were worried about taxes, and everyone complained about the roads. Making change requires both a short and long-term approach.

In the short term, Tom would work to reverse the state budget cuts to town aid. But, in the long term it will take new thinking.

Yes, maintaining a town costs money, but we’ve got to move beyond maintenance alone to take best advantage of our beautiful part of New England.

Planning, spending wisely, and making investments for the future will support schools that better prepare us for meaningful work, multi-modal transportation to help us get there, modern libraries, vibrant marketplaces selling locally-made goods, and varied places of worship.

These are not luxuries. They are elements of a whole, self-sustaining community.

I support Tom O’Brien for state representative for Connecticut’s 67th district and David Lawson for state senate for the 30th district for this new thinking.

Both have worked for their communities for decades.

Tom served on New Milford’s Zoning Commission and spearheaded creation of the New Milford River Trail.

David taught social studies for 34 years and served four terms on New Milford's school board. He’s an advocate for bringing jobs to the region through resources for STEM subjects, vocational training, and job retraining.

Chris Green

New Milford