To the Editor:

I would like to take this time to thank attorney Cecilia Buck-Taylor for generously supporting the John Pettibone School PTO.

When I heard they were looking for a big donation, I suggested they contact her. Just as I thought, she came through once again.

Thanks to her, the PTO has two beautiful bikes she has donated to be used as raffle prizes. I am sure this will help the fundraiser tremendously.

I am truly thankful we have citizens like Cecilia who donate so much to so many worthy organizations in this town.

I know she has supported the New Milford youth leagues and so many other causes.

Whenever someone needs assistance in any way, I know she can be counted on. She unselfishly offers her time and talents to so many boards and commissions and is always willing to donate to a good cause.

We are very lucky to have people like attorney Buck-Taylor serving our town.

Patricia Erickson

New Milford