Grant to enhance Sega Meadows Park

The town of New Milford is receiving a $75,217 grant through the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for enhancements at Sega Meadows Park off River Road.

The grant may be used to install trails, educational signs, nesting boxes or a parking lot.

-- Susan Tuz

Zoners alter Washington noise ordinance

The sound level from generators, air conditioners, pool filters and other noise-generating equipment used in the town of Washington cannot be louder than 50 decibels at the nearest property line.

That decibel level equates to being just slightly louder than a refrigerator.

Generators must be surrounded on all four sides by a six-foot high stockade-type fence.

The changes to the town ordinance were made Oct. 25 by the Zoning Commission.

-- Susan Tuz

Senior Center bus impresses officials

New Milford Town Council members had a chance to see the Senior Center's newest bus firsthand when the center's executive director, Anne Potter, brought it by recently to Town Hall.

With no wheel hub indents on the interior floor and handrails on each side of the entry door, the bus was agreed to be more user-friendly for older passengers.

The wheelchair lock in the back of the bus is also an improvement with its "snap-lock" system that holds the chair securely in place, an improvement over the previous bus' hand ratcheted lock mechanism, Mrs. Potter noted.

-- Susan Tuz