New Milford well pump business marks first anniversary

Ralph Espinal is the owner of Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services in New Milford.

Ralph Espinal is the owner of Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services in New Milford.

Courtesy of Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services

NEW MILFORD — Ralph Espinal is sharing his expertise in the well pump industry with his community.

He founded Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services just over a year ago in New Milford, following more than two decades in the industry working for other companies.

He decided it was finally time to start his own business and thought about the example of being a business owner sets for his children, Arianna, 20, and Jaden, 15.

The company offers full service well pump and water filtration services.

“He’s very knowledgeable,” Steve Kisling, of New Milford, said of Espinal and his business.

The company offers residential services, including water filtration systems, well inspection and pump services, emergency services and pressure tanks.

Espinal said his business gets calls for all sorts of issues, ranging from the middle-of-the-night emergency when a homeowner is without water to repairing pipe corrosion.

Regular well pump maintenance and water testing is an important part of home ownership, the business owner said.

“It’s important because you have to make sure the water you’re introducing (into your home) is safe,” Espinal said.

“A lot of times, people don’t realize wells are buried or that the water has a lot of minerals or a low pH,” he said. “That can do a lot of damage to a home.”

He cited leaky fixtures and hard water as two of the signs a filtration system may be helpful.

The installation of water softeners, sulfur and iron filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems, acid neutralizers and UV light systems are among the services Housatonic Valley Well Pump Services provides.

Water filtration systems filter out unwanted minerals that can lead to corrosion of pipes and fixtures, improve pH levels and remove unpleasant sulfur smells.

Due to sulfur content in Kisling’s well water that turned the water a tinny color and gave it a metalic taste, Espinal replaced a water softener and installed a purification system. The problem could have led to pipe erosion, Kisling said.

“I couldn’t be happier with the water,” Kisling said. “I joke that when I take my medicine, I think of him because the water tastes so good.”

HVWPS will also test and inspect a water system. Espinal emphasized the importance of annual water tests, and routine servicing of a well and well pressure tanks.

“Just like you have a boiler checked annually, you should have the well checked,” he said.

He described the role a pressure tank plays in a properly functioning system. If the tank has a problem that is not addressed in a timely fashion, more damage can occur in the well.

Unfortunately, he said, some homeowners don’t think about ongoing maintenance needs.

“It’s unfortunate people put (maintenance) on the back burner,” he said, noting annual servicing can extend the life of the well and pump.

Resident Eric Grant praised Espinal’s customer service following several visits to his residence for major well issues.

In addition to handling two major well issues, Espinal recently analyzed and upgraded the systems in Grant’s home to reduce future problems with the water pump.

Espinal began his career in the industry, starting as a delivery driver, more than 20 years ago. Over time, he worked in sales and became a technician.

What he likes most about the field is troubleshooting and helping people.

“People will call me and say they have no water and so the troubleshooting begins,” Espinal said, citing the issue being a pressure switch or a problem with the well.

The business owner described the “pride” he feels when doing a job.

“It’s about the pride at the end,” he said. “They’re so happy. I’m happy. I met someone new and they’re excited.”

For more information, email, visit or call 203-300-2148 or 860-795-7877.