New Milford voters have endorsed a plan to borrow $3.45 million with short-term financing, with $2.1 million to go for road improvements, $1 million for bridge renovations and $350,000 to cover part of the cost of improvements to Lynn Deming Park.

Mayor David Gronbach has said money is set aside in next year’s budget to cover costs associated with the short-term borrowing.

The plan was approved at a town meeting last week.

Lynn Deming’s total cost is more than $1 million and includes reconfiguring the traffic flow as well as adding a fishing dock, trails and a playground. The work is expected to be completed by Memorial Day weekend.

The $2.1 million for road work is already included in the town’s capital plan. During earlier budget hearings, several council members stressed the need for the road projects.

The last piece of the borrowing will cover the town’s portion of renovating the Mud Pond, Aspetuck Ridge and Mill Street bridges.

The town is responsible for 20 percent of the costs to renovate the Aspetuck Ridge Road bridge. The money will be used to design, construct and inspect the bridge. The federal government is covering the remaining 80 percent of the project.

New Milford will also cover about 20 percent of the Mill Street Bridge project, which is expected to go out to bid in 2017. The town’s money will be used to design, construct and inspect the bridge, with the federal government covering the rest of the costs.

The state is helping to cover the work on the Mud Pond Road bridge. The town will pay for about 53 percent of the work, with the money covering the design part of the project. The bridge is expected to be designed and permitted this winter and built the following season.

Connecticut has already committed a $3.3 million grant for the bridges.