New Milford teen fast tracking a career with electronic music

NEW MILFORD - At age 16, Cooper Vengrove of New Milford has already found what he loves to do, and while home during COVID-19-related school closures, he decided to put his talent to use. With just a year’s experience creating and selling “beats” (melodies), he was approached and signed over the summer by Internet Money Records, which will be helping him grow his catalog.

To create music, Cooper said he creates a melody with digital software, then does “looping” using an audio track “that’s a series of sound patterns digitally pasted together in the sound studio. Then, I post those on my website. A pack of 25 melodies sells for 30 dollars. I can add percussion for the client as needed. I play my own guitar to make melodies for hip-hop music, but I do other genres of music as well. I began on YouTube for my own entertainment, then taught myself how to do this. Being home from school gave me much more time to focus on music.”

Cooper’s father, Tony Vengrove, noted that Cooper plays a G&L ASAT Classic guitar, which is also the first electric guitar Tony had in high school. He said, “G&L is a brand that was created by George Fullerton and Leo Fender after Leo sold the Fender brand to CBS. Entry level guitars, they are quite good and well made, since they use all the designs and proprietary aspects of the Fender classic models that Leo began creating in the 1950s.”

Cooper currently has a song titled “Adderall” that he wrote the melody for and co-produced for Rapper Popp Hunna that had 22.7MM videos made on TikTok as of late December, 2020, and 25MM streams on Spotify. A remix of Adderall dropped on YouTube with a guest performance by Lil Uzi Vert, the biggest rapper to get involved with a Cooper song to date, according to Cooper. Uzi Vert’s record label is getting behind it and promoting Cooper's role on its social media platforms and Cooper is receiving royalties.

Tony Vengrove said, “Cooper set a goal back in May to get placement with a big-name agency by the end of the year, and we're so proud that he made it happen. It was very exciting to see Pittsburgh Steeler JuJu Smith-Schuster do the Adderall dance on TikTok and Sasha Obama nearly “broke” TikTok, in a wildly popular dance video after the song hit number 1 on the TikTok Viral List. Rapper Lil Uzi Vert then pulled another one of Cooper’s tracks onto a song and previewed it live on Instagram.”

Amy Vinisko, Cooper’s piano teacher for several years, said “It’s exciting what Cooper has accomplished in a very short amount of time. We spent our time together exploring various musical styles at the piano — blues, jazz, classical, pop chords, traditional arrangements. Eventually, he took what he knew musically and applied it to the computer program that he uses now, to produce electronic music. In addition to playing well, he really took off with our studio improvisation and composing projects.”