New Milford soccer club receives grant promoting youth development opportunities

NEW MILFORD — At a 7-11 grand opening event on May 15, the Soccer Club of New Milford received the project A-Game grant.

Project A-Game is a community outreach program created to provide meaningful youth development opportunities through education and play so children establish a strong foundation that supports their future success.

Attending the event was Mayor Pete Bass, State Rep. Bill Buckbee and many other political and community leaders.

Brett Bernardez, vice president of sponsorship and marketing, was presented with a $711 dollar check.

Besides asking the crowd “Where he can cash the giant check,” Bernardez continued by saying they will use money to “continue to grow the game of soccer in the New Milford area from ages 3 and up. We will use the grant for everything from fixing our nets to getting kids out on the soccer field. That is always our main goal, to get kids on the field to play the game of soccer.”