NEW MILFORD — Thieves made off with dozens of Apple products during an armed robbery late Thursday at the Verizon store on Danbury Road.

According to police, the robbery occured around 7:30 p.m. on Thursday when there was little customer traffic in the store. One man entered the store for a short period - the only customer at the time - and left to enter a black sedan in the parking lot.

Two men, witnesses told police, then got out of the same sedan and entered the store. One of the men was wearing a mask and threatened employees with a gun. The thieves forced the employees to open a store room where the Apple products were located.

Witnesses told police that the men appeared to be Hispanic.

Authorities said that from 50 to 100 Apple products were taken during the heist.

Police said the first officer arrived at the store about one minute after receiving a call about the robbery, but the thieves had already fled. Officers from both Brookfield and New Milford as well as Troopers with the State Police began searching for the suspects but were unable to locate them.

Police are still searching for the suspects and investigating the incident.