NEW MILFORD — Fresh off the completion of the new New Milford High School athletic-fields complex, town officials are eying existing fields, and hope to get an understanding of what the town has, and what the town might need.

The Town Council will create a new subcommittee, said Mayor David Gronbach. The seven-member Athletic Field Consolidation Committee will assess what the town has for fields, and look to make improvements happen, officials said.

“We’ve already seen, just at the high school, a real demand for fields,” said Pete Bass, a town council member who also chairs the Town Council’s Artificial Turf Construction Subcommittee.

The Turf Subcommittee’s work is nearly complete, Bass added. Now is the right time to tap into that volunteer pool and get another project under way, Bass said.

Mayor Gronbach said he, too, thought it’s a good time to look at what the town has to offer athletically.

Douglas Skelly, a member on the Turf Subcommittee, said he’d gladly join another subcommittee. Several of the town’s fields — those used by youth sports, in particular — are on leased land, which makes their sustained use uncertain, he said.

“I’ve been an advocate for years that we need to get some town property so these youth teams can have a place to call home,” Skelly said.

Mayor Gronbach, and Town Councilor Bass said they think Skelly may be right, but the town needs to do its research before making any plans.

The new subcommittee will catalog all the town’s fields, document how they are used and research what the town’s athletic needs are and what the town may need in the future, Bass said.

And if — like Skelly suspects — the town needs to get new town-owned fields, Bass said the new subcommittee would plan that too.; 203-731-3411; @bglytton