To the Editor:

Supporters of Pete Bass talk about transparency.

Yes, I agree, transparency is critical in assessing the quality of good government, and Mayor David Gronbach has restored transparency to our town government.

Upon taking office in 2015, he discovered $4.4 million in debt to the town. The Sewer Commission had been hiding it from the public.

Pete Bass, a 10-year member of the Sewer Commission, and then-vice chairman of the Town Council, failed to bring this to the public.

He failed his obligation to New Milford taxpayers who deserved to be apprised of this situation. Pete Bass was not transparent.

Pete Bass sat back and said nothing when the outgoing mayor was giving bonuses and extended health insurance to her administrative aides.

Any bonus considerations should have been brought to the Town Council, but they were not.

As vice chairman of the Republican-majority Town Council, Pete Bass failed his obligation to the council and New Milford taxpayers.

Let’s also consider the tree contracts.

Pete Bass failed in transparency there, too. He knew that the tree contract was costing New Milford taxpayers thousands more than the original bid, but he did not speak up.

Pete Bass’ lack of transparency in regard to these issues while vice chairman of the Town Council did not and will not serve the Town of New Milford well.

Mayor Gronbach is committed to conducting New Milford business in a professional manner with full transparency. There are no hidden debts or deals.

New Milford is moving forward in a positive direction.

Let’s not go back to the old ways. Re-elect Mayor Gronbach.

Mary Jane Lundgren

Vice Chairman

New Milford Town Council