New Milford chocolate business turns 25

Chocolate treats of all kinds fill Jamie’s Sweet Shop in the Northville section of New Milford.

Chocolate-dipped pretzels and Oreos, chocolates with peanut butter, strawberry and caramel filling, boxed chocolates, and chocolates in all shapes and sizes dress up the shelves at the 279 Litchfield Road (Route 202) shop.

“I love the creativity,” owner Jo Robbins said of what she enjoys most about being a treat maker.

“I enjoy interacting with the customers, I love making stuff and I love setting up the store,” she said of how the business brings her joy.

This year marks her 25th year in business.

She first opened her business in Harwinton for two years, then moved it to Torrington for two years.

After, sales went online until 2017 when she got a storefront again in New Milford.

The shop, named for Robbins’ now-grown daughter, was open seasonally from October through April on Route 7 near Dodd Road but relocated to Northville this past October.

The Northville location has been a hit, Robbins said, noting customers stop in for many reasons, including hostess, celebratory or thinking of you gifts.

Fresh custom orders are also available for special occasions, including retirement and birthday parties, weddings, baptisms/christenings, anniversaries and showers.

Centerpieces, party favors, holiday baskets and more are among the custom orders Robbins handles.

Some items are hand painted, including many of the lollipops.

Robbins spoke of one wedding decoration she created — an Eiffel Tower made of more than two pounds of chocolate.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of it,” she said of the creative pieces she makes.

A chocolate crib filled with M&Ms, milk chocolate and dark chocolate dinosaurs, chocolate high heels, a chocolate baby block and chocolate Bingo cards, flavored barks, chocolate-covered graham crackers, lollipops and more round out the shop’s offerings.

“(Chocolate) is always a perfect gift,” Meissner said. “It’s nice to have a fresh, delicious candy store to go to.”

Meissner described the shop as owner “accommodating” and related how the store was once short one item she needed. Robbins prepared the extra item and was able to get it to the customer on time.

Robbins said customers reach out to her by phone, social media, at the store and online.

Robbins will ask a customer numerous questions when an order is placed.

For example, if a patron requests a chocolate dinosaur or Easter Bunny, questions about the type of chocolate, thickness and filling will be posed.

There are many options for the shop’s products that are made in Robbins’ certified 10-foot-by-9-foot kitchen at her home, where she has more than 4,000 molds for all occasions.

The chocolate comes from Pennsylvania. Robbins dips various foods in the chocolate, drizzles it on popcorn, and creates an assortment of products.

Robbins said she can make just about anything, including some of the latest crazes such as chocolate covered potato chips.

The business owner said the busiest time of year is the holiday season.

She estimates she had about five nights free of making chocolate between Oct. 15 through Dec. 22.

For more information, contact Jamie’s Sweet Shop, located at 279 Litchfield Road (Route 202), New Milford, at 860-480-1862.