NEW MILFORD — Garick Farms is reclaiming two softball fields on Boardman Road now leased by the New Milford Youth Baseball Softball League.

League President Rob Beebe asked the Board of Education’s Facilities Subcommittee Tuesday night to allow his group to renovate two ballfields at Sarah Noble Intermediate School to replace fields A and Little A at the Boardman site.

“Garick has been great to work with, but they need the space for storage and expansion of their New Milford Farms composting facility,” Beebe said. “It is what it is.”

Beebe said the league would restore the now-overgrown fields at Sarah Noble at its own expense and maintain them afterward, including cutting the grass and painting foul lines. Backstops from Field A and Little A and other amenities would be moved to the Sarah Noble, he said.

“I haven’t changed the lineup of games for the coming season,” Beebe said. “But those fields are going back to Garick likely in a year’s time. I have to be proactive.”

In fall 2014, Mayor Pat Murphy put together an ad hoc committee to assess what town-owned fields or property were available and suited for ballfields. At that time, Gary Trinetti, of New Milford Farms LLC, the Garick subsidiary just east of the Boardman Road fields, had said his company had landed some big customers and might need room to expand.

Murphy worked with Trinetti and MedInstill, a business neighbor, and arranged for storage space at MedInstill for Trinetti to use. Recently, Trinetti contacted Beebe to say the two fields at the south end of Garick Fields would have to be reclaimed.

Calls to Trinetti were not returned Wednesday.

The league has about 1,000 players and uses the Boardman Road fields from early spring to late autumn. The league is chartered through Cal Ripken Baseball and the Babe Ruth League.

Facilities Subcommittee member John Spatola gave his support to Beebe’s proposal. It was unanimously approved to pass Beebe’s request on to the entire school board at its meeting Tuesday .

“I see no problem with this,” Spatola said. “You can get insurance as you already do and put us on the policy.”; 203-731-3352