A long-awaited Town Aid Road grant is coming to the town of New Milford in the amount of $280,782.

This was the good word from State Sen. Andrew Roraback, R-30th District. Mr. Roraback sits on the Bond Commission which March 18 approved $2.5 million in road grants for northwest corner towns.

A total of $30 million in grants were approved statewide.

"The state understands the promise is good," said Mr. Roraback, noting the checks were to be sent right away, "but the money will be better."

Towns and cities in Connecticut have been waiting since July 2009 for the road grants to be approved. State budget problems had officials waiting until now to release the funds.

"The state provides precious little financial support to Connecticut municipalities, especially to small towns for which this road money represents the biggest piece of state aid they will get," said Mr. Roraback, citing the town of Warren. which is getting a $90,553 road grant.

"For us to have delayed payment for nine months was not fair," he remarked.

Warren First Selectman Jack Travers plans to use the money for annual road maintenance of chip sealing the roads. He added some of the money will go to "pay for some of the work we did on roads last fall. We'd kept some funds aside but with this grant it will be easy to cover the cost."

Mayor Pat Murphy of New Milford is glad to have money coming to her town for road work.

"After such a really damaging winter for roads, it will be great for us to have these funds," the mayor said. "While we all liked that February thaw, the thawing and refreezing that kept happening causes roads to heave."

The mayor noted work was scheduled to be completed on the Ridge Road project.

Public Works director Mike Zarba was ready to put the grant money into road repairs.

"We had a preliminary list of roads scheduled for maintenance (this spring)," Mr. Zarba said.