George Sam takes pride in running New Milford Septic Service with the same level of integrity found when Chet Golembeski started the company in 1940.

Sam is the son-in-law of Golembeski’s son, John. He is the third owner of the business, following in John Golembeski’s footsteps when he retired.

The company is celebrating its 75th anniversary by entering all new customers this year into a drawing for a $750 giveaway next month.

“It’s all about customer service, treating every customer like they are the only customer,” Sam said. “That’s why we beat our competition.”

Septic systems have changed significantly since 1940, and George Sam and his brother Chris Sam have partnered with Paul Szymanski, public engineer at Arthur H. Howland & Associates, for technological aspects of the business.

“The new systems are advanced-treatment systems,” Sam said. “They do a much better job of cleaning the wastewater before it mixes with the ground water. Now it’s about saving the environment.”

New Milford Septic still services systems installed by the company in the 1940s and 1950s. It services systems along Candlewood Lake that are difficult to get to and were often hand-dug. The old technology still does the job, Sam said. The key is testing the soil quality before any new installation.

New Milford Septic Service was located on Lanesville Road for 55 years. Sam moved the business in 1995 to its present location at 180 Pickett District Road.

“George and Chris work very well together,” marketing director Lorie McMullen said. “That’s the spirit the company exudes. Both of them have taught me and Heather Detrick, who also works in the office, about situations found when out in the field. What a baffle is. How the cleaning is done. When we answer the business phone, we can answer a customer’s questions.”

Educating customers about septic systems, installation and repairs is key in the Sams’ philosophy. The business website includes tutorials. The paperwork created by workers in the field and the office staff include digitally produced detailed maps and the type of installation at each customer’s location.

“Our focus is information, getting the customer the information they need to get the job done that they want done,” George Sam said. “It’s not just a worker who will come out to do the job, its a qualified worker. We insist on a high level of precision. It’s precision work at a price you can afford.”

The Sams also give back to the community. Volunteer work, supporting sports teams are all part of their business plan.

Ceia Webb, executive director of Rebuild Together Litchfield County, said the brothers have done “fabulous” work for the nonprofit home building agency.

“When somebody volunteers their work and their time and then is detail driven, it’s a gift from heaven,” Webb said. “George has helped with three houses over the past three years. He made sure we had the septic in the right place on a home in the flood zone. Did wonderful work at our Fort Hill Road house, getting the survey and handling the permit process. Then he installed a septic at a home that had never had one when we put a bathroom in.”

New Milford Septic Services, 180 Pickett District Road, New Milford can be reached at 860-350-8265. Visit the website for more information.; 203-731-3352