NEW MILFORD — They’ve only played softball for a little more than a year, only been alive for eight years at most, and only half of them have been on an airplane before — and they’re getting ready to play in the World Series.

The girls of New Milford’s Under 8 Babe Ruth softball team don’t need experience. They know just enough; they know how to win.

The Breakers won their league’s state championship, then the New England regional championship in New Hampshire. On Wednesday and Thursday, they’ll fly to Jensen Beach, Fla., to play in the World Series.

One of the things they’re most excited about, according to Coach Michelle McNamara, is JetBlue has TVs on its airplanes.

They don’t seem to fully grasp their accomplishments, she said. They’re just giddy to play softball.

Their first game is Saturday.

Those airplane TVs are one of the things they most look forward to, the girls said between innings at a game in New Milford. They also look forward to spending time with their families, the possibility of a hotel pool, oh, and softball, they said.

Over the weekend, the girls kept up their winning form. In a victory over a team from Norwalk, their defense shined; almost every infield hit was quickly turned into an out. The errors one expects from young children playing a complicated game were rarely made as they kept their first baseman busy.

They played three games over the weekend as a warmup to the trip, and won them all.

Although they’ve gotten used to winning, they aren’t steely-eyed competitors in the dugout. They’re little girls, chanting, bouncing in pint-sized cleats.

With the biggest contest in their young lives just a week away, they said they were looking forward to the games and the trip.

“I can’t wait to spend all that time with my mom,” said Ava Kopp, Breakers third baseman.

The parents, on the other hand, have travel plans to make. They’ve called the TSA several times, they said, always with one question:

“How can we bring bats?”