To the Editor:

Muddling the water by a few outspoken and political maneuverings by some --it is time to stop the bickering and asking for more funds as was voted in by the last administration in Sherman.

Case in point was the allocation of $35,000 for a RCC emergency communication report that we could have had just by asking AT&T engineers for their site digital map profile -- free of charge.

Also now we have more political maneuvering by some to have AT&T move its proposed site from Gaylordsville in New Milford to Evan's Hill Road in Sherman.

More delay.

The same scenario occurred with the Coote Hill Road tower by muddling the water by misdirecting AT&T to use Wagon Wheel Road as a new site that benefits special interests.

It's imperative to separate political ideology from issues as critical as getting good communications established for all of our Sherman citizens.

Or should we wait for a disaster or life lost as a result of the ongoing lack of adequate cell communications?

It is time to move on and do what's right for all of Sherman. The town deserves a lot better.

Sam Lamhut