Names of Kent veterans sought

Based on the previous criteria for Kent veterans to be inscribed on the veterans monuments specified that residents at the time of enlistment who entered the military service during peace time were not eligible to have their names listed.

However, the Kent Veterans Committee did approve the following on the stone in front of the monument that reads: “To Honor all Kent veterans who defended our country during peace and war. “

Therefore, the Veterans Committee continues to identify other veterans who entered the military from Kent at any time if they served from Dec. 7, 1941, to the present.

A copy of a veteran’s DD-214 or other evidence that they served is required.

During the fall of 2019 to the present the Veterans Committee through local knowledge and media publicity have identified a Vietnam veteran, a Persian Gulf veteran and six Peacetime veterans who entered the military from Kent that will now have their names inscribed on the monuments.

Eligible veterans should contact Andy Ocif, at 860-927-3318, Charlotte of Dick Lindsey at 860-927-3724, Tom Page at 860-927-4092, Bill or Patti Case at 860-927-4084 or Mike VanValkenburg at 860-927-3086.