Twenty-two members of the German class at New Milford High School recently traveled to Frankfurt, Germany, through the German American Partnership Program.

The exchange program allows German students in the U.S. to visit Germany with classmates while attending school and experiencing life as a German high school student.

As a follow-up to the local students’ March visit to Germany, students from Germany visited New Milford High School and stayed with GAPP students May 20 to 29.

New Milford students who traveled to Germany include Joe Alexander, Jacob Berendsohn, Taylor Briggs, Stephanie Cafiero, Lee Conlu, Darcy Cook, Duncan Edel, Karley Greene, Caitlin Jellen, Lukas Kugler, Thomas Lebert, Ryan Logan, Jacob Meadows, Emma Norcross, Sunita Pfitzner, Eleanor Steiger, Aiden Szymczakowski, Samuel Taub, Madelyn Thorp, Daniel Whelan, Gregory Winkelstern and Peter Wunderlich.

New Milford’s GAPP members, German students in good academic standing, stayed in Germany for 17 days.

Nine of the days were spent with the family of a student attending Leibniz-Gymnasium, a high school in Östringen; New Milford students were paired with students from the school and attended classes during the week.

Students practiced their German skills in the real world as they attended school, visited museum, and lived the life of a German student.

The next eight days were spent traveling to Munich and Salzburg, Austria. Students stayed in hostels and hotels and visited the BMW Museum, took a bike tour of Munich and created videos at Bavaria Film Studios.

They visited various landmarks while learning about the history and culture of Germany.

New Milford High School teachers Michael Crotta and Jessica Pelletier supervised the trip.

Crotta, who was born in Austria, has been teaching German at New Milford High School for over 10 years.

He has supervised numerous German American Partner Program trips and has led students through various parts of Germany, including Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt.

Pelletier, who teaches Spanish at the high school, visited Germany for the first time.

Many students who attended the trip have German-born parents or relatives and have visited Germany.

Some have attended New Milford’s GAPP trip previously or hosted GAPP students from Germany.

Students said their experience with the program has been wholly positive and has allowed them to improve their understanding of the German language and culture.