NMHS senior shares experience adjusting to life amid pandemic

I was sitting at the dinner table enjoying my family’s company as the phone rang.

It was on speaker and all I could hear was that we would not be returning to school on Friday.

Before the message was over, I was already in tears.

All of the unknowns racing through my head. Was that the last day of my senior year?

What about senior prom, banquet, and most importantly graduation?

No one had any answers, which became very frustrating. This could’ve been the last time class of 2020 walked in the hallways.

The first week had been a hard adjustment while being at home.

Not sure how to pass the time, and just wishing I was in my classes at New Milford High School.

As family members continued to call, tears would form once again.

Far from the same, online school was our replacement.

The connections I shared with my teachers were a huge part of my life, and that had been replaced with emails, and Google Classroom notifications.

The connections with my friends have been replaced with FaceTime and social media.

The school year abruptly came to a possible end without warning.

This was supposed to be the best year of our lives and it got ripped away from us in a blink.

Being left with all of this uncertainty is the worst feeling.

Staring at the ceiling for minutes at a time, overthinking and not knowing how to cope has become the new normal.

Many seniors from around the world can relate, that this was heartbreaking.

Spring sport season is being taken away, our lasts with our friends, no more pep rallies and our class spending time together before we all go off to college, on our own paths.

As of now, no major events have been canceled but there is a small amount of hope that we will all be back together before the fall.

Spending many weeks at home, I have come to terms with the fact of the severity of the virus.

And by being home, we are saving lives.

Finding numerous ways to stay busy at home was not easy, but manageable.

From watching a new series on Netflix, finding a new hobby, to catching up on books we never had the time for.

We can only hope that in a small amount of time, COVID-19 will slow down and the spreading will subside.

Taking many precautions are necessary. All we can do is take this day by day and look in a positive direction.

In hopes that by taking many precautions and practicing social distancing, we will flatten the curve and get back to a somewhat normal life.

As a community in New Milford, we have come together to spread positivity with kind words and actions.

Jordyn is a senior at New Milford High School.