Former New Milford resident Rob Shaffer was recently named the 2014 Teacher of the Year by the Emergency Medicine Residents' Association of Michigan.

Shaffer was nominated by Dr. John Ray on behalf of the emergency medicine residents at the University of Michigan and St. Joseph Mercy.

There are 61 emergency room doctors at the University of Michigan Hospital, where Shaffer works, according to his father, retired New Milford High School teacher Dave Shaffer, himself a former New Milford Teacher of the Year and now a member of the school district's Board of Education.

The excellence in teaching award is a tradition endorsed by the involvement of all emergency residency programs in Michigan.

The award was created to recognize active Michigan faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to emergency medicine resident education.

The award was presented to Rob Shaffer at two events --an April 15 event at the MSU Henry Center in Lansing, Mich., and a July 29 MCEP Scientific Assembly at the Grand Hotel in Michigan.

Shaffer graduated as salutatorian from NMHS in 1991, Bowdoin College in 1995 and from Dartmouth Medical School in 1999.

He completed his four-year residency at the University of Michigan Hospital in 2003.

He worked in the ER Department of Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass., for five years and returned to the University of Michigan in 2008.