To the Editor:

Steven Flanagan has been, is now, and will remain the North Star to my moral compass.

As a former New Milford High School student, I was lucky enough to be in a few of Mr. Flanagan's classes.

As an educator, he is gifted; he never uses his profound intelligence to intimidate students and is one of the few teachers who has the ability to engage an entire classroom from start to finish.

As a mentor, he is invaluable; his guidance has helped hundreds of students better themselves and chase their dreams, and even my own mother teared up after reading the college recommendation he wrote for me.

Most importantly, however, as a human being, Steven Flanagan is supreme. His character is without question, made up of the highest stuff.

I will not rest until the identity and motives of the faculty member who leveled these allegations have been released in a similar manner.

For years, Mr. Flanagan has been a supporter and friend to me and many others; he's always had our backs through thick and thin.

And now we have his.

Caitlyn Barksdale

New Milford