The visual arts and theater departments at New Milford High School have teamed for a collaborative project related to this year’s all-school musical, “Mary Poppins.”

Music teacher and musical director Bob Keck approached art department teacher Annette Marcus to see if the students could make and provide a dozen or so large ceramic vessel props that are featured prominently in the musical.

The items would be used for rehearsals and performances.

Keck asked that the ceramic pieces look like “priceless family heirlooms.”

Rather than ask students to spend time making a vessel that would be given away, Marcus was given a budget to purchase slip cast green ware vessels from a factory in New York state.

Ceramics II students were required to pair up in teams of two, select a vessel shape that appealed to them both, research Chinese Ming dynasty blue and white wares, and collaborate on the creation of a design and execution of decoration on the vessels.

The Ming Dynasty era vases certainly have come to represent, by most accounts, as priceless, Marcus related.

“The two Ceramic II classes that I teach, predominately comprised of sophomores and seniors, have embraced this project so thoroughly that the works they have created are nothing short of impressive and exquisite,” Marcus said.

Marcus emphasized to students when they took on the project that “there is Zen tenet which embraces the beauty in things that are humble, imperfect and impermanent, so when they decided to take on this project, they were fully aware and accepting of the fate of these beautifully rendered pieces.”