New Milford High School Class of 1974 will hold its 40th class reunion Aug. 16 in Southbury.

A hospitality suite will open at noon at the Crowne Plaza, followed by a cocktail hour, dinner and entertainment with a disc jockey from 5 to 11 p.m.

The cost is $65 per person.

Payment can be made via PayPal at or by mailing payment to Anna Assad, 53 Meadowland Drive, Gaylordsville, CT 06755. Payment will not be accepted at the door.

Additional donations toward the class' 50th reunion, or to help less fortunate classmates attend this reunion, may be added to the total submitted for this year's reunion.

Classmates contact information -- even if one thinks someone already has it --should be emailed to

or mailed to Assad.


Maureen Alfredson, Mike Allen, Greg Anderson, Rich Baker, Pam Bakewell, Darrell Baldwin, Michele Barnes, Robert Bartek, Allen Beatty, William Beatty, Lacey Benjamin, Phyllis Bennett, Sonny Bergman, LaDonna Bierbower, Glenn Bouquillon, Pam Bracey, Janet Bresmon, Sue Buddle, Connie Burrows, Cindy Butterfield, Cheryl Cairns, Jessica Campbell, Cheri Carlson, Jan Carroll, Linn Chamberlin, David Chandler, John Christen and Ernestine Clark (class advisor).

Also, Pat Costello, John Cover, Carol Cusack, Jessica Daniels, Art Day, Stephanie De Alessio, Fred de la Vega, Dwaine Deicke, Audrey Derby, Linda Deross, Suzan Deross, Susan Dodd, Kathy Douskey, Cindy Downs, Kevin Ducey, Theresa Dugan, Robert Duhan, Sheryl Dunlap, Peter Duran, Peter Elliot, Cindy Engels, Steve Erickson, Sue Ethier, Julie Feeley, Frank Ferrence, Ray Ferris, Lynn Fitzpatrick, Lori Flynn, Kim Foster, Mara Frankle, Gene Fredlund, Richard Foltan, Anna Gawel, Pam Geiger, David Griesbach, Brad Groll, Rich Gustafson, Rissa Halgowich, Cindy Haynes, Gary Heaney, Robin Heck, Cathy Hendrix, Jeanne Hepburn, Darwin Hill, Glenn Hipp, James Hipp, David Hoddy and Wanda Humiston.

Also, George Jennings, Homer Jennings, Colleen Johnson, Debbie Johnston, Ralph Kaesler, Sue Kenny, Boyd Kilton, Debi Kienle, Marc Koehlert, Marc LaRocque, Paul LaTerra, Gerry Leblanc, Maurice Leblanc, Judy Leonard (class advisor), Jeff Lescynski, Linda Lieff, Donna Lillis, Allen Lord, Greg Luhmann, Karen Lynch, Roger Malumphy, Dale McBreairty, Barbara McGavic, Suzanne McIntyre, Dave McRoberts, Pat Mercer, Jeanne Mertens, Patricia Miele, Carl Miller, Joyce Miller, Lillian Miller, Guy Mitchell, Fred Mohammadi, Sharon Moore, Robert Morea and Donna Morsey.

Also, Dave Nash, Mike Mike, Dennis Newbert, Dean Newkirk, Robert Nicholas, Scott Onorato, Kim Palmer, Lisa PaÅoe, Bonnie Parkinson, Charles Parnell, Kip Pennywell, Brian Piersall, Peter Piliero, Dan Pitchard, Joe Ploch, Allen Popilowski, William Powell, Michael Profita, James Puzar, Jennifer Reardon, Peter Rejecha, John Rettenmeier, Patricia Roberson, David Romine, James Schilke, Jon Sercel, Jeff Shears, David Sheldon, John Slattery, Michael Squires, Sheryl Squires, Donna St. Amand, Patricia Stearns, Walter Sterling, George Sterry, Ronald Stevenson, Charles Strand, Jay Strobino, Robin Terhune, Cecile Tiebout, Craig Tiebout, Mark Tlasky, Thomas Trenka and Mary Tuz.

Also, Angel Velez, Dennie Veltri, Cheryl Villane, George Walberg, Stan Walega, Tom Wenzel, James Westfall, Mike Whitcomb, Laura Williams, Tom Williams, Gloria Woodrow, William Wright, David Yarochowicz, Mary Lou Yarrish, Rosemary Provost and Jackie Merritt.