The Tri-M Music Honor Society, an honor society for secondary school music students, has chartered a new chapter at Shepaug Valley High School in Washington.

Under the guidance of faculty member Friso Hermans, the chapter held its first induction ceremony June 11 at the school.

Selected as the inqugural inductees were Linden Crumrine, John DeFeo, Matt Dever, Adrienne Fedyna-Dembek, Callie Huber, Sarah Irwin, Grace Kellogg, Max Lepelley, Nathan Ong, Tyler Palmese, Jesse Steinmetz, Andrew Stern, Emily Svenningsen, Sarah Swanson, Oliver Taylor, Amanda Taylor, Katherine Tracy, Gregory Valentine and Dana Walker.

The society also extended honorary membership to the following non-students: Deborah Blank, Joy Bollard, Gregory Cava, Kirk Dulaney, Mardy Ford, Kimberly Gallo, Michael Gorra, Barbara Henry, James Hirshfield, Eugene Horrigan, Lisa Huber, Mark Kaufman, David Kellogg, Mickey Morris, Jeanette Purdy, Janet Strausberg, Sara Taylor, Phillip VanKirk and Susan Walker.

Recognized as alumni members are Connor Calabro, Alison Carini, Anna Carlson, Melanie Carreira, Emma Cava, Carley Davenport, Lauren Eddy, Laura Hirschfield, John Shusdock, Ian Underwood, Charles VanKirk, Trip Venturella and Anna Wolk.

"The formation of this chapter signifies the school's recognition of the importance of the arts in the development of a comprehensive educational program," said Mr. Hermans.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society provides a means of recognizing the efforts and achievements of music students who volunteer their time and share their musical talent with others."

The society's goal is to foster greater interest in band, orchestra and choral performance, and to provide more opportunities for personal musical expression, Mr. Hermans explained.

Students are selected for membership on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, leadership, and service to their school and community.

The Tri-M Music Honor Society has since 1983 operated under the umbrella of the National Association for Music Education.

For more information, check or call 800-336-3768.