The First Congregational Church in New Milford will welcome the Rev. Nigel Mumford to the church Oct. 23.

Mumford will speak during the 10 a.m. worship service and lead a healing service later in the day.

A lunch will be held between worship and the healing service.

Mumford, who has been involved in the healing ministry for over 25 years, is the former director of the Oratory of the Little Way in Gaylordsville.

Shortly after Mumford became the director two decades ago, he preached at the 36 Main St. church and taught a confirmation class about healing prayer.

Mumford and the Rev. Mike Moran, pastor of the First Congregational Church, were on the Pastoral Care Committee at New Milford Hospital and healing services were begun there at that time.

In 2005, Mumford left New Milford and founded the Healing Ministry at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, N.Y., with the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.

He returned to town in the summer of 2010 when the First Congregational Church and the Oratory co-sponsored a day of healing prayer with Mumford and Dr. John Murphy as the keynote speakers.

In 2009, after contracting H1N1/Swine Flu and being in a chemical induced coma for 19 days, Mumford left New York and moved to Virginia to begin By His Wounds.

Mumford is an international speaker and author who focuses on Christian healing, and is a priest associate for healing at Galilee Church in Virginia Beach, Va.

Born and educated in England, Mumford served for six and a half years in Her Majesty’s Royal Marine Commandos and continued his education while in the Armed Forces.

His last two years as a Marine were spent as a drill instructor at the Commando Training School.

In 2007, Mumford and two other retired military men created The Welcome Home Initiative, a program of healing for veterans.