Mouzon brings new offerings to Enchanted Realms

A new energy is flowing at Enchanted Realms in the Northville section of New Milford.

Kelea Mouzon purchased Enchanted Realms in June from Maya Cointreau, who owned the business at 285 Litchfield Road (Route 202) for five years.

“I really notice a change in the energy,” said customer and jewelry maker Dawn Spremulli of Bethel. “It’s always been a place I feel comfortable and feel good energy, but there has been an increase since Kelea bought the store.”

The store has a focus on holistic, healing and the metaphysical worlds by way of gifts, products, books and classes.

Massage therapy, reflexology and energy healing are also offered.

A separate room, dedicated to classes and meditation, also serves as an art gallery, where works by four artists are currently featured.

Tarot card and oracle card readings also are available.

Enchanted Realms

slates upcoming classes

Upcoming classes include mediumship with Lisa Shab Sept. 22, Oct. 6 and 20, and Nov. 3 and 17; crystal healing with the Rev. Dr. Neil J. Hutchins Sept. 10 and Oct. 22 and 29; a healing circle with Shab Sept. 21, oct. 5 and 19 and Nov. 2 and 16; moon phases with Hutchins Sept. 24; manifestation with Valerie Sept. 17, Oct. 15 and Nov. 19; Reiki certification for all levels with Shab Sept. 14, Oct. 12 and Nov. 9; full moon fire ceremony Sept. 14, Oct. 13 and Nov. 12; introduction with Wicca with Hutchins Wednesdays through Oct. 9; modern Wicca with Hutchins Wednesdays Oct. 16 through Nov. 13; candle magick with Kelea Mouzon Sept. 26, Oct. 24 and Nov. 21; smudging with Mouzon Sept. 19, Oct. 17 and Nov. 14; runes with Hutchins Oct. 8; pendulums with Hutchins Oct. 1; and aromatherapy with Gaby Cronin-Geter Nov. 15.

“We do well as a store,” she said. “It has a gift store feel, but I wanted to bring something else to it.”

“I want to breathe fresh light into what we do,” Mouzon said, adding she hopes patrons will discover a calm, healing space.

Client Kerry Byrnes, of Warren, described the store’s atmosphere as “so whimsical and new age … very welcoming” and one that evokes warmth and happiness.

“Everyone is so lovely — the workers and the practitioners,” Byrnes said.

Since taking ownership, Mouzon has infused a vibe and charm to the business, adding a variety of classes and featuring more products by local artisans.

Among the classes are Reiki certification, pendulum, mediumship, crystal healing, moon phases, manifestation, full moon fire ceremonies, introduction to Wicca and smudging (see sidebar).

All classes are taught be certified teachers in their respective fields.

Several lines of jewelry and other products sold the store are by local artists.

“I really want to have a place to sell (local artists’) products and have them be seen,” said Mouzon, who holds a degree in social work.

Spremulli said she appreciates Mouzon’s support of local artists.

Crystals, sage, soy candles, incense, metaphysical products, bath salts, soaps, hand lotions, dream catchers and wind chimes are among the other products sold at Enchanted Realms.

Numerous new books, including the line of psychic-themed books by Melanie Barnum, also are available to purchase, as are a small number of gently used books.

Two lines of spa quality holistic products — including Pegasus Emporium — that feature natural essential oils, grace the shelves.

The store is also introducing its own line of products, Enchanted. Moon water will soon be released.

Customers can purchase a greeting card to add to any purchase, which can be tucked into personalized gift boxes and bags.

Byrnes praised Mouzon for the array of “wonderful gifts” and products.

“It’s always worth a trip,” said Spremulli, who has been a customer for about three years. “It’s a good sign for a business that a customer goes in with no specific need and finds something unique.”

She cited the brass incense burners she recently saw for sale. “I’ve never seen the ones she has anywhere else,” Spremulli said.

The owner said she wants people to feel the store is a “safe space. … It’s not stressful here, and there’s no negative energy.”

“It’s so rewarding” to own her own business and meet customers from all walks of life, said Mouzon, who grew up in town and joined the Enchanted Realms team in February.

When the opportunity to purchase the business arose this spring, she didn’t think twice.

Years ago, prior to Enchanted Realms, the storefront was longtime home to the Enchanted Forest.

Enchanted Realms is open Wednesdays through Fridays from noon to 6 p.m., Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. and Sundays and other times for classes and scheduled activities by appointment. For more information, call Enchanted Realms at 285 Litchfield Road (Route 202) in New Milford at 860-350-3898 or visit