To the Editor:

Many in Warren are mourning the death of Beecher Warren Perkins, who was laid to rest Sept. 13. He was one of the oldest members of our community.

One of his daughters and a nephew spoke briefly at his service at Warren Church. With deep emotion, they recalled his devotion as a dad and uncle.

Unsaid were so many words which described this remarkably quiet, hardworking, family-oriented, community-minded man.

It should be known he was the son of Jim and Joy Perkins, who themselves transported children to Warren School in their own vehicles.

So it was natural, as an adult, Beecher became a bus driver for the children and grandchldren of those children.

Not only did he work very hard on the family farm, he drove the Warren School bus for many years. Families knew their children were safe in his care.

Beecher was a charter member of the Warren Volunteer Fire Department. He drove old engine #2 for many years, and it was available that final time to transport Beecher to his final resting place.

We were deeply moved as the current members of the fire company marched single file in front of engine #2 to the new Warren cemetery.

It was a fitting tribute to a man who gave so much of his time and talents as a volunteer firefighter.

Mr. Perkins added the title of school custodian to his many endeavors over the years. He took great pride in his work, and the staff grew to respect and admire him greatly for his attention to the needs of their facility.

If there was a problem, in any area, they called Beecher. He would know what to do and how to fix it.

He always wore a wide smile and had a cheerful word and a twinkle in his eyes for all those who were fortunate to encounter him.

Beecher Perkins was an unusual community member who loved those around him, and dealt honestly and without malice. He was diligent and faithful and everyone in Warren and surrounding areas knew Beecher. He loved his church and the Grange.

Warren has truly lost one of its finest individuals.

Beecher was one of a kind. It is noteworthy there were several teachers, as well as many students and friends whose lived he touched, in attendance to pay their last respects to an honest, old-fashioned man of great character.

May Beecher be remembered as one of the best.

Elaine Layman