To the Editor:

The following letter is to raise awareness and keep this situation from happening to anyone else.

My house borders the field along the walking loop at the Bridgewater Recreation Center on Sarah Sanford Road.

Our cat, Ned, who was a grey tabby, that you could say was the mayor of Bridgewater, was enjoying a summer evening in the field.

He had lived the last 11 years loving that field and making friends with everyone that passed his way.

On the night of July 13, we heard some yelling and there was a couple in their mid 30s with two big, white, unleashed dogs.

The dogs ambushed the cat close to our property line and tore up his stomach. We took Ned to Newtown emergency clinic and they could not save his life.

The couple who owned the dogs would not give us their names when this all went down and they took the dogs and vanished into the park.

We could not find them.

My main reason for this letter is to make it known there are real consequences to allowing dogs to go unleashed in public areas.

You may think they are friendly but they are animals and they sometimes react in unforeseen ways. It could be a small child, another dog or animal that gets hurt.

Our hearts are broken by these chain of events and we wish the circumstances were different. We loved our Ned so much.

Please spread this word of caution to all dog owners.

Dawn Burdick