The Mother Earth Gallery has found a new home along Danbury Road (Route 7 South) in New Milford.

Leslie Gera’s shop served as a destination near Brookfield’s Four Corners for more than two decades, but a move was necessitated by redevelopment efforts in that neighborhood.

“The last year has been very stressful, not knowing when we would get our 90-day notice to leave the building,” said Gera, who started the business 25 years ago.

“Up until the time the notice came,” she added, “I was still on the fence about closing or moving to a new location, but I didn’t want to let down all the people who have supported us over the years.”

Gera’s two sons and some of her customers pitched in to refurbish a former deli and real estate office near the House of Warmth.

It was fitting her sons helped refurbish the space given Gera started the business with her husband, a geologist and mineralogist who died shortly after the store had first opened. Gera has said keeping the store open over the years since his death was a labor of love.

Gera has a variety of products available, including dream catchers and handmade pottery, while specializing in crystals and what she calls the healing energies they can provide.

“Everything around us is made up of energy,” she explained. “If we allow ourselves to be open to the energy of the body, we can use crystals to correlate with the energy a person may be missing in their life.”

Gera said she is sad she couldn’t bring the “mine” into the new location from the old shop.

For decades, children and school groups would search the indoor space for treasures they could take home. When the recession hit, the business surrounding the mine began to diminish.

“Change is good, even if it is under dire circumstances,” Gera said. “While I was sad about losing the mine, I decided to put more focus on the works of local artisans. In the old space, it was difficult to display local artisans’ work, but with the new space and lighting, there are lots of opportunities to showcase their talents.”

“So many people in the area have such wonderful talent,” she added. “It helps the store to have their products, but it also give them a leg up.”

Items available including handmade, one-of-a-kind jewelery made from a variety of materials, including crystals and peacock feathers.

Luigi Fulinello, New Milford’s economic development director, said he is thrilled a destination business such as Mother Earth decided to open in New Milford.

“It’s great news that such a longstanding area business has not only decided to move to New Milford but also fill some vacant commercial space in the process,” he said.

“Mother Earth has a great reputation they’ve built during their 20-plus years in business,Fulinello remarked. “and we’re thrilled to have them in our community.”; 203-731-3358