Moo-ving on out

'Marty the Moose' enjoys a tour of the Greater New Milford Spectrum area

What does one get when a moose crosses paths with a couple of cows?

One gets a moose making one very rapid exit.

That answer was made abundantly clear one day last week in New Milford.

The moose in question was likely the very same four-legged traveler which has been making guest appearances all over the Greater New Milford Spectrum area for the past 10 days or so.

Many area residents have observed the unexpected visitor wandering the roads -- and parking lots -- of our neighboring communities.

Facebook and other social media has been kept busy with photos of the moose as it has toured the towns.

Warren residents reportedly watched a moose for about an hour wandering the fields in the vicinity of Angevine and Tanner farms along Route 341.

The following day, a moose -- possibly the same one -- was spotted by Whitehead's Farm, the Chuck Wagon and near numerous residential homes along Route 202 in New Preston and near the Washington/New Milford town line.

Just down the road, in a field along Wheaton Road in the Northville section of New Milford, the moose encountered the most terrifying experience in its recent travels -- a pair of cows bent on holding their turf.

That entire episode was ably captured by photographer Jon Veleas, as seen on this page and at

New Milford police responded to reports of a moose wandering through the parking lot of New Milford Hospital.

"We located the moose in the parking lot," said Lt. Larry Ash, public information officer. "We were able to stop traffic in the area of East, Elm and Church streets and Whittlesey Avenue, directing the moose in an easterly direction into some woods."

The last the police knew, the moose was headed towards Second Hill, Ash said.

Police contacted the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

They were advised that if people come into contact with the moose, they should not get close to the animal.

It may become aggressive at this time of year, Ash said.

Not long after that point, sightings were made in Bridgewater, and then Roxbury.

Photographs of the moose sightings, including a page for "Marty the Moose," were posted all over social media.

It's been a few days since the last sighting, so it's possible `Marty' has made its final exit from the Spectrum area.

If so, in its wake, it leaves lots of memories and plenty of entertaining photos.

--Susan Tuz, Deborah Rose and Norm Cummings

Photography courtesy of Jon Veleas