The Kent Art Association will offer a sculpture workshop with Bill Merklein of Gaylordsville Oct. 7 at 2 p.m.

The workshop is free and open to the public.

Merklein will demonstrate how to sculpt the human head from clay.

Beginning with a life-size formed lump of wet clay that he divides into sections to approximate where the eyes, nose and mouth will go, Merklein will explain the basic structure of the skull, likening parts to the shape of an egg.

He likes to startle his audience by tearing large holes in the clay then pull out a model of a skull to explain the bone structure of the eye.

After shaping the socket, he rolls a piece of clay into a ball, pointing out that the eyeball is round, and sticks it in the hole and an eye begins to emerge.

He often rips off noses or makes gashes in the clay where a mouth will begin to emerge, explaining as he goes, “don’t like something? Or it isn’t working? Don’t waste time, rip it off and start over.”

Individuals that have a Visa Card with a tiny hologram of a dove on it own a piece of art created by Merklein, who made his name in the art world sculpting miniatures.

Originally holograms could not use reduced size images so Merklein was asked to create a dove that was three-quarters of an inch in size; a challenge but not an unusual request for the talented sculptor who began his career sculpting historical miniatures.

The toy industry took notice of his talent and soon he was sculpting GI Joe’s, Marvel Comic’s Spiderman and X-men, and DC comics Superman and Batman.

He has created special art for international currency companies including the one that invented holographic foils.

An excellent horse sculptor, many of his miniatures (Merklein’s Miniatures) were created for the Historical Miniature industry.

An award-winning sculptor and artist, Merklein has worked on projects such as portrait busts, making models for Twentieth Century Fox and ABC TV, and he was the technical advisor on Mike Nichol’s Broadway production of “Billy Bishop Goes to War.”

One of his recent projects was sculpting the Browning Scripps Medal awarded to Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords of Arizona by Scripps College in 2013.

A multifaceted artist Merklein’s sculptures, models and paintings can be found in U.S. and European collections, the Smithsonian Institution and the National Geographic Society.

Merklien now teaches art and sculpts and paints on commission.

The gallery is located at 21 South Main St.

For more information, call 860-927-3989 or email