Kent Memorial Library will exhibit “A Rambling Brush,” featuring works by Gaylordsville resident Bill Merklein, Sept. 1 through Oct. 29.

The show will include a reception with the artist Sept. 29 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Main Street library.

Living across the street from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Merklein’s first sculpting clay was given to him by a student at Pratt.

The artist who had the foremost influence on Bill’s work was Impressionist painter Bernard Lennon.

In 1976, Bill walked away from his successful advertising job to pursue an artistic life and has never looked back.

“I’ve known Bill for many years and have watched his art career with great interest,” said Gaylordsville artist Susan Grisell.

“A number of years ago when the hologram technology was first being used, a March 1984 National Geographic cover featured a hologram of an eagle,” she said. “The eagle was actually a sculpture that Bill was commissioned to execute.”

In addition to National Geographic, he had many other commissions. While Bill’s successful work as a Commercial Sculptor and Painter is impressive, ranging from his sculpture work with Hasbro, holographic sculptures for American Bank Note to his list of extensive commissions including sculpture models for Louise Bourgeois, Military Historical Miniatures and recently the Helen Browning Scripps Medal that was awarded to Senator Gabriel Gifford’s by Scripps College.

Merklein actively teaches painting and sculpting and can be reached at 860-210-1770.

For information and to RSVP to the reception, call 860-927-3761.