Mackenze McAleer of New Milford has a part in a new film, “Hands of Stone,” starring Robert DeNiro.

The film, which is expected to open later this month, is written and directed by Jonathan Jakubowicz.

The biographical sports film follows the life story of Roberto Durán of Panama, who made his boxing debut at 16 and grew to become one of the greatest fighters of his time.

Durán is known for the infamous “no mas” championship fight and his rivalry with Sugar Ray Leonard, portrayed by Usher in the film.

McAleer, a former Marine sergeant, portrays a Marine military police officer who catches a 10-year-old Durán stealing fruit from a U.S. military base in the movie.

In 2006, McAleer moved to Panama, where he lived for eight years, working in internet marketing, social enterprise, agriculture and conservation.

He is currently the president of Arise, an agriculture technology start-up based on his father Mack McAleer's New Milford invention.

He returned to the U.S. two years ago to build the company focused on making local, organic gardening and farming easier, more efficient and productive.

He actively supports the Alley Cat Fitness Foundation, a Casco Viejo Jiu Jitsu gym that provides fitness, self-defense training and youth mentoring to the community of Chorillo, the Panama City neighborhood in which Durán grew and where the U.S. invasion of Panama began.

He also works with Rainforest Capital, and in service to the Mamoni Valley Preserve, a rainforest and wildlife restoration project there.

Having been involved in acting, modeling and theater since childhood, he helped producers of “Hands of Stone” with casting, locations and to acquire props in their bid to return current day Panama and former U.S. military installations to their 1960s look and feel.