There’s a positive and spirited energy making its way through the New Milford Fitness & Aquatics Club.

The facility opened last July and has attracted a plethora of clients who seek the fitness resources available — fitness training, personal training, aquatics programs and more.

Now David Martin, a USA Triathlon certified coach and New Milford resident, is bringing his fitness experience and education, charisma and heart to the center as personal trainer and Connecticut coach for Full Throttle Endurance.

“The program is fantastic,” said member Gary Wronker, a Southbury resident who once lived in New Milford. “It’s based on your own ability.”

Scott Berlinger, who is a former American gladiator, known as Viper, founded Full Throttle Endurance in New York City, fulfilling a dream to create a place where athletes can realize their own goals and reach their highest potential.

There are only a handful of certified coaches, including Martin, across the nation.

“It’s a great marriage,” said club co-owner Mike Nahom, of Full Throttle’s presence at the facility, which features a pool and spin room suited for FTE training.

“The FTE program is something we’ve wanted to do … and it’s an established, proven program,” Nahom said.

FTE has won more team championship titles than any other amateur triathlon team in the nation.

“Everyone can involve themselves in this program,” Martin said during a recent interview.

Members of FTE at the local center will undergo an initial screening to determine their “zone” — the paces they must run, swim and bike to see improvement in different aspects of their fitness — which helps Martin customize workout plans.

Members range from beginner to advanced, but the varied skill level does not distract or diminish the camaraderie and supportive environment the program provides, said Martin, who was assistant swim coach at Shepaug this past winter.

“We have the coolest conversations because people are from all walks of life,” said Martin, who was active in sports at Rumsey Hall in Washington and Canterbury School in New Milford.

For those who aren’t sure if the program is suited for them, Martin said he welcomes individuals to try out a session.

The program meets three days a week from 5:45 to 7 a.m. at the 130 Grove St. facility.

On Mondays, the focus includes cycling, learning hand techniques, road rules and how to climb hills, while on Wednesdays, the focus is on aerobic fitness, strength, speed and more in the pool. On Fridays, focus is on running.

The coach described the support system among team members as inspiring.

“People get in the pool, push and motivate each other, and then get out and high five because they got faster as the set went on,” he said.

Martin said the goal of the program is to have people feel “comfortable,” not pressured and overwhelmed.

“I love training with David,” said member Brad Amery. “He’s got great energy and really is a great motivator. He gets you to dig a little deeper into your potential in a real positive way.”

The FTE team competes annually in several competitions locally and beyond. Among them are the Mighty Montauk, the South Beach Triathlon, the Hopkins Vineyard Triathlon, the USA Nationals, and more.

Martin emphasized how team races foster a feeling of togetherness and help boost members’ sense of self and accomplishment.

“It’s about the process. Someone might have a bad race,” Martin said, but members have to reflect on the solid training, time and commitment they invested to improve their overall fitness and health.

Wronker praised Martin for his experience and coaching skill, citing his ability to ensure members undergo high intensity workouts balanced properly with rest and recovery, and attention to detail.

“I always tell him he is wise beyond his chronological age,” Wronker said.

Martin credits physical therapist Gail Henderson, for whom he worked for three years, as a mentor.

“I’m the personal trainer I am because she taught me to be analytical, to always educate myself and to constantly learn,” he said, referring to the time, science and dedication that goes into training.

For information about Full Throttle Endurance at the New Milford Fitness and Aquatics Club, call 860-671-1277 or email davidgmartin1@