A motorcyclist was killed Wednesday, Aug. 8 when he lost control of his motorcycle on a curve on Route 109 in New Milford, witnesses and police said.

Police were not releasing the victim's name, but they said the man was in his mid-60s.

The accident happened shortly after noon.

Anthony Szklany, 19, of New Milford, was driving home from work when he saw the man riding around a bend on Route 109, which is also known as Chestnutland Road. The victim was tossed from his motorcycle when he failed to negotiate the curve and his body skidded about 200 to 300 feet, Mr. Szklany said.

"I was coming up the hill and saw the guy coming around the corner... and I think he just hit it wrong," Mr. Szklany said Wednesday by telephone.

New Milford police shut down the road on Wednesday afternoon as they investigated the crash.

Mr. Szklany said he parked his car in the middle of the road and ran to the victim's side to comfort the man, who appeared to be in extreme pain.

"He was still kind of conscious. He was grunting," said Mr. Szklany, who added the victim, who was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, "had road rash all over his body."

The man was wearing a helmet, Mr. Szklany said.

Mr. Szklany said he and a group of other passersby stayed with the victim until paramedics arrived.

"I'm an Eagle Scout so I can't just leave somebody there," he explained.

ljany@newstimes.com; 203-731-3350; http://www.twitter.com/ljanyNT. Staff writer Susan Tuz also contributed to this report.

Scanner reports indicate a motorcycle accident at about noon on Wednesday, Aug. 8 on Chestnutland Road (Route 109) in New Milford has caused police to temporarily close the road.

Police are not releasing more information at this time.