A Danbury man has been arrested for an April 28 Webster Bank robbery in Sherman as well as a Chase Bank robbery in Newtown on April 18.

Todd Froehlich, 38, of Eden Drive in Danbury, is being held on two $100,000 bonds as the alleged robber in Sherman and the alleged getaway driver in the Newtown robbery.

State police arrested Mr. Froehlich April 28 at 4 p.m., hours after the Webster Bank in the Sherman Green Marketplace was robbed.

Mr. Froehlich was taken into custody after crashing his car at the end of a pursuit on Super 7 north, near the Brookfield-Danbury line, police said.

Police said Mr. Froehlich and a female acquaintance, Becky Teck, 40, tried to flee north on Route 7 after witnesses led police to their location.

No weapon had been displayed during the robbery, but the suspect had implied he had one, according to Sgt. Rob Desmaris of the state police.

Sgt. Desmaris said the amount of money taken was "very small for a bank robbery."

The suspect fled the scene in what was believed to be a four-door, silver Volvo, with laundry baskets in the back seat, Sgt. Desmaris said. At least one eyewitness said the car did not have license plates.

"The suspect was alone," Sgt. Desmaris said, standing outside the bank. "It was very low key. Very quiet. The suspect passed a note to the teller. It implied he had a weapon, but no weapon was displayed."

Mr. Froehlich was arraigned April 29 in Danbury Superior Court and charged with attempted assault on a police officer, unlawful restraint, engaging in pursuit, reckless driving, assault on a police officer, first-degree robbery and fourth-degree larceny in the Sherman bank robbery case.

Newtown police served Mr. Froehlich with an arrest warrant during his arraignment at Danbury Superior Court, identifying him as the getaway driver in the April 18 Chase Bank robbery.

For that episode, he was charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree conspiracy to commit robbery and third-degree larceny.