Makes case that Bridgewater is 'fortunate' to have Read

To the Editor:

Curtis Read has served Bridgewater many years before being elected first selectman.

He served 26 years on Bridgewater Conservation & Inland Wetlands Commission and was chairman for about 10 of those years.

He also has served for decades on the Northwest Conservation District board and has been chairman for the last 17 years.

As first selectmen, Curtis accomplished the following in the last four years: facilitated establishing Burnham after-school program for working parents; facilitated recruiting of 12 new tuition kindergarten students at Burnham; organized construction of a new entrance to the Bridgewater Senior Center paid for by town funds with private match; removed four leaking underground fuel tanks next to town buildings; renovated the town recreation area pavilion; and provided new drainage networks for the recreation pavilion and senior center.

He also created a new parking lot for the town soccer field; repaired and renovated the front entrance and chimneys at the Burnham Library; secured grants to build the wide walkway from Burnham School to town hall; shared Resident State Trooper with Roxbury saving over $80,000/year; and lowered property taxes in three of the last four years.

Curtis Read is experienced, highly qualified and has produced results as Bridgewater’s first selectman.

For these reasons I will vote for Curtis. We are fortunate to have him willing to serve again.

Ed Wainwright