The Mad Gardeners in New Milford will hold a guided Mile-A-Minute Vine plant walk June 26 at 2 p.m. at New Milford High School along Route 7 South.

Attendees will learn to recognize the invasive plant and how to control MAM without chemicals.

An area adjacent to the playing fields at NMHS was planted as meadow in 2000. However, several small patches of MAM were found growing on multiflora rose and autumn olive in late 2007.

Control began immediately and, since then, very little seed has been produced on this site.

Although MAM seeds last for several years in the soil, most germinate in the first two years.

Mad Gardeners' small MAM crew -- generally two part-time paid college students and two volunteers -- spends 10 to 60 hours total each week from late May to mid-October checking properties and pulling plants in two large populations.

One is scattered over an area about a mile in diameter on the New Milford-Bridgewater border and the other, including NMHS, is scattered over an area about half a mile in diameter.

More than 150 properties have been checked. About half of them have MAM, in patches ranging in size from a single plant to several acres.

The crew has almost eliminated seed production since 2007.

A single plant of this fast-growing Asian annual can, if left uncontrolled, produce more than 2,000 seeds and blanket an area over 20 feet in diameter. Plants grow as fast as 6 inches a day.

For more information or to sign up, call Kathleen Nelson at 860-355-1547 or e-mail