To the Editor:

Billy “Mo” Buckbee, a candidate for the State Representative seat in the 67th district, says he is not a politician, but he would become one if he were to succeed.

For the sake of our community here in New Milford, let’s hope that he doesn’t.

The far better candidate is Mary Jane Lundgren.

Buckbee’s campaign paints him as the “regular next-door neighbor,” but remember that this next-door neighbor has been serving on the New Milford Sewer Commission for the last eight or nine years.

He knew there was a major problem with the Sewer Commission finances, and did nothing to solve it.

Instead, he wanted the taxpayers of New Milford, his “next-door” neighbors, to pay for the mistakes and poor management of that agency.

Buckbee could not come up with a solution to pay down the debt.

He supported burdening the town with the $4 million that the Sewer Commission owed.

Yes, that’s right, this “next-door” neighbor of ours was in favor of putting the bill on his neighbors, the taxpayers of New Milford.

So, Buckbee is right, he is not a politician, but he does not show any leadership capability which is what the town should have from our State Representative.

I urge the voters of New Milford to support Mary Jane Lundgren who has a proven record of leadership and experience that we need.

Adrienne Aurichio

New Milford