'Loosestrife' concludes poem series

[Editor’s Note: In recognition of National Poetry Month, The Spectrum will run a poem this week to conclude its series of poems. New Milford Poet Laureate James Scrimgeour selected the poem. This week’s poem is “Loosestrife” by Scrimgeour.]


In the shade of a Druidic Oak

at the back of a familiar quarry —

the loosestrife so bright in a spot

of sun does nothing but share its

reddish purple glow with the ducks,

frogs, tourists and any other life forms

that happen to be nearby — neither

the ducks nor the bystanders care that

it’s invasive — everything, everyone

in this world, after all, comes from

somewhere and does what it can

to survive — beauty, it appears, is

as good a reason for existing

as any — and better than most.